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Fallsview Boulevard Dollar Store Fallsview Boulevard Dollar Store Fallsview Boulevard Dollar Store
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Snacks and Beverages

It happens to all of us, you hear the rumble and realize you've been walking around for hours and you can't remember the last time that you ate something. While you're on the strip, drop in and grab a bite from us. Restaurants can be pricey and take a big chunk of time out of your day that could be better spent seeing the sights. Let us feed you for a fraction of what you'll spend elsewhere, no one likes to waste a buck, better in your pocket than in anyone else's right?

Starting out your day? Don't want to pay $90 or more for breakfast at the 4star restaurant in your hi Rise? Pick up coffee, muffins, juice, cereal and milk here at the Mini Mart. We also have Fast Food, sandwiches, snacks, chips and dips, chocolates, maple sugar products, ice cream, candy, water, soda pops, cereal and milk, energy drinks, chocolate milk, orange juice, coffee, muffins and pastries. We even have bread, peanut butter and jelly! We have everything from Soup to Nuts (Campbell's soup to go and planters nuts).

Wet your Whistle with any of these tasty treats, you really can't go wrong with any of them. Warning... with so many tasty options one may not be enough, you may leave with an armful of goodies!

So come on over and browse our selection. Hours vary seasonally, open 24/7 during peak season.

Call for hours of operation.

**Fallsview Mini Mart and Dollar Store***

**6289 Fallsview Boulevard, Niagara Falls, Ont, L2G 3V7*Phone: 905-356-0551**